With your help, we reached our Giving Tuesday goal!!!

With your help, we reached our Giving Tuesday goal!!!

We are thrilled to announce that with your help, Prosperity Works raised over $10,000 through Giving Tuesday that will go toward matching funds for Child Savings Accounts and the Prosperity Kids™ Program!!!

The money raised will support Prosperity Kids™, which has now enrolled over 450 children in ABQ; opening savings accounts in their own names with Prosperity Works as custodian.

We want to extend a sincere thank you to all of our thoughtful donors for their generous donations!!!

In 2014, we launched Prosperity Kids,™ a dual-generation, collective impact strategy to move children and their families out of poverty to self-sufficiency, and even prosperity. Target age 0-11 for a seeded (with $100) and matched (up to $200 a year for 10 years) savings account, in the child’s name, held by the custodian (PW) for the purpose of education, released to the child at 18 for higher education or if s/he doesn’t choose to use it that way, released at age 23 to help provide a financially stable transition to adulthood. In addition to the CSA, parents have access to an Emergency Account, child development and financial education courses, secured credit card, citizenship loans and legal services.

Prosperity Kids™ CSA Initiative, is more robust than any in the country and a much-needed antidote in our state for the ravages of poverty that so many Latinos, including new immigrants, suffer.

According to Gallup, hope is a better predictor of student success in college than almost anything, including high school grade point average, ACT and SAT scores. Children with $500 or less saved for college are 3 times more likely to enroll and 4 times more likely to graduate.

There is nothing like money in the bank to make that hope concrete.