Family Supports



Many people living on a limited income face instability every day. They may not have enough income to meet basic daily needs. One health emergency, inflated energy bill or car breakdown can create a financial crisis.


It is nearly impossible to start planning and saving for the future when getting through the month takes every penny and every available ounce of energy.


Families need support to move towards economic prosperity.


Through our partner organizations we provide services such as:


  • Emergency services (e.g., food, rental or utility assistance);
  • Screening for eligibility for benefits such as Medicaid, subsidized housing, child care or Temporary Aid to Needy Families;
  • Legal and tax preparation assistance;
  • Financial education and coaching for budget management, debt management, debt reduction and financial goal-setting.


The purpose of this support is to enable an individual or families to stabilize their lives and finances, maximize their income, manage debt wisely, improve their credit, and begin to accumulate enough income that saving is a possibility.


Once a family has enough income they can take the next step towards acquiring an asset by saving through an Individual Development Account (IDA).