Impact of Our Work

IDA’s strengthen New Mexico’s economy.  Results Achieved by the New Mexico Assets Consortium  2005-2015. 2011 IDA holders in NM
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What is the Impact of IDAs in NM?

In counties throughout New Mexico, Prosperity Works and its partners use Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) to build strong communities. Learn more.

As few as 1,192  families turning their savings into their dreams builds our economy in multiple ways.  Results as of September 30, 2015 include:

Total Savings Deposits Total Economic Stimulus Workforce Development
Over $8.3 million in deposits held in NM $5.96 million Cash Infused into Local Communities Skilled, localized,educated, vested families
Home Ownership Increased Business Activity Increased Earning Power
  • 271 families in safe and secure housing
  • 516  new/expanded locally-owned business
  • 405 New Mexicans earning a degree
  • $43,360,000 in new mortgage holdings
  • 903 new jobs created; persons employed
  • $3,853,980 increased earning potential per year
  • $1,355,000 cash infusion into the economy
  • $2,580,000 cash infusion into the economy
  • $2,025,000 cash infused into higher education


In the short history of New Mexico’s involvement in the Individual Development Account (IDA) economic and workforce development strategy, the effort has seen notable results. Key to this strategy is the ability for each participant to establish their own goals; to understand that self-improvement is up to them; and to drive their own success through consistent financial savings, rigorous financial empowerment, and increased financial savvy. 

Opening the opportunity for hard-working, limited-income New Mexican families to invest in their future brings solid., lasting economic skills.