Why we advocate

Poverty in New Mexico will not be replaced by prosperity without fundamental changes in attitudes, behaviors and systems.  Hard working, limited-income New Mexicans are doing their part to save and invest in their futures through Individual Development Accounts (IDAs). Banks, the business community, regulators, and policy makers also have a key role to play. New Mexico’s economy, our government, and our business community should provide opportunities for all our families to get ahead.

Where we advocate

Every day, elected officials and policy makers at the city, county, state and federal levels make decisions that affect the quality of life and opportunities of limited- income New Mexicans. Business and other leaders make similarly impactful decisions. Those decisions can either pave the way towards, or create roadblocks to, prosperity.

We advocate with legislators and commissioners; with banks and business leaders; and with utility companies and their regulators (such as the Public Regulation Commission in New Mexico).


  • Prosperity Works advocated successfully for the state legislature to provide $250,000 per year for New Mexico Individual Development Accounts.
  • As a result of PW’s legislative advocacy New Mexico’s youth can now start saving for their future by opening an IDA account.
  • Prosperity Works’ advocacy resulted in a law that prevents utility companies from disconnecting service to limited-income households during the winter months. Click here to read more about our Energy Initiatives.
  • Prosperity Works advocates for banks to be more responsive to the needs of working families.  In response, First Financial Credit Union now offers a new type of loan designed to give limited- income New Mexicans an alternative to taking out very high interest “pay day loans”.

What We’re Working on Now

Families on Public Benefits Need the Chance to Save

New Mexicans who receive public benefits receive a mixed message. They are told they should work their way off public assistance. Yet, when they start saving to do just that, their eligibility for benefits is jeopardized, long before they have earned or saved enough to be able to support themselves without public benefits. Prosperity Works is advocating that New Mexico legislators allow recipients of public benefits to save money, through an IDA, to invest in a college education, to buy a first home or to start a business.

Working and Limited-Income Families Need Affordable Energy

Many limited-income and rural families rely on propane to heat their homes. New Mexico’s propane industry is unregulated.  Companies can charge neighbors different prices. They can fill a home’s propane tank halfway and charge for a full tank. Or, they can refuse to provide service. Prosperity Works is currently advocating, through New Mexico’s Public Regulation Commission, for regulation of the practices and prices of propane companies.  Click here to read more about our Energy Initiatives.