Susan Morrison, CFP, PW’s First “Cultivator”

Susan Morrison, CFP, PW’s First “Cultivator”

Thank you, Susan Morrison, new Prosperity Works board member, for becoming our first “Cultivator” by donating $100.00 a month to PW.  $100 a month seeds 1 new Child Savings Account per month or 10 new Family Emergency Accounts. $100 provides match money so New Mexicans can buy a house, start or build a business, or get post-secondary education.  In short, $100 goes far!

As a Certified Financial Planner and owner of  Q Financial Planning, Susan naturally comes by PW’s maxim “Paychecks get you by, but assets gets you ahead.”  Child Savings Accounts excite her as she knows the importance of developing good saving and spending habits early and the increased difficulty of that in proportion to the limitations of  a family’s resources. Morrison knows that moving out of poverty into financial security and prosperity enables people to move beyond the pressure and toxic stress of fulfilling basic needs and to dream big.

At Q Financial Planning, Susan works with people of all ages and incomes.  With her degree in law, she is also experienced in estate planning. She is committed to giving—what she calls “the three ts”—time, talent, and treasure. In her off time, she practices yoga and plays basketball and disc golf (think frisbee, not putter).  Two years ago she learned how to play the guitar from You Tube  (yes, true) and has since—with practice and a lesson every month—progressed to the low, growling refrain of “Make Money, Save Money.”

Thank you again for your membership, Susan, and welcome to our Board!

Susan Morrison, JD, CFP, Q Financial Planning (505) 433-2255