NM’s IDA Businesses!

NM’s IDA Businesses!

Like many New Mexicans facing layoffs since the recession, Sally Moore found herself unemployed when funding was cut from her organization.  And like many New Mexicans, Sally decided it was time for something new…

She was familiar with the IDA initiative; she had previously helped low income families utilize the match savings accounts to help purchase homes, go to school, or start a business.  Overnight, Sally was on the other side of the paperwork.  With her layoff, she herself fell into the 200% poverty category and was eligible for the same program.

“It’s life changing,” says Sally.  “The IDA initiative gave me the opportunity to fulfill a dream, to start my business.  To me, an IDA is like the GI Bill; it gives people the tools & opportunity to change their lives.”

Sally Moore is the owner of Brain Integration & Moore, Inc. Brain Integration is a non-invasive, revolutionary process that improves the flow of information in the brain.

She had learned about Brain Integration Therapy (BIT) while working in Sandoval County, a co-worker’s son had a learning difficulty and went to Colorado for BIT.  She saw such a transformation, that she brought her son and granddaughter to Colorado, too.  It had such success that a County Manager expressed interest in integrating into the Sandoval school system and it’s now welcome in Albuquerque Public Schools!

The IDA offered Sally the opportunity to go to Colorado to study and bring that knowledge back to New Mexico to start her business.   She did it all within a year of leaving her former position!

She knew she wanted to start a business eventually during retirement to give her additional income, and she had an opportunity to start early.  Sally now works full time for a local community college and has time in the evening and on weekends for her business.

This holiday season Prosperity Works is eager to introduce you to some to New Mexico IDA participants that utilized their matched savings to start or expand a business.  Buy local this holiday season!  Support New Mexico’s Small Businesses!

For more information regarding Brain Integration & Moore, Inc.,

contact Sally Moore at 505-867-0068 or via email sally4moore@gmail.com


 What is BIT?

This relaxing, completely non-invasive therapy has been shown to:

¨ End ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, sensory integration issues and other specific learning difficulties

¨ Improve Memory, Focus and Concentration

¨ Enhance Spelling and Reading

¨ Sharpen Planning and Multi-Tasking

¨ Improve Balance and Coordination

¨ Release Emotional Stress and Trauma, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

BIT has been recommended by neurologists, psychologists and other health professionals because it consistently produces improvements measurable by standard psychological and neurological tests.