Statistics Fail to Enchant

Statistics Fail to Enchant

Recent article features Prosperity Works CEO and President, Ona Porter, Statistics that Fail to Enchant.” 

Porter says the issues around poverty are those of economic justice. The idea that someone works full-time and still lives in poverty should not be tolerated in the richest nation in the world.

Two extremely disturbing reports released this week highlight the shameful levels of poverty in NM.

  • 20 million Americans living at or below 50% of poverty, and NM is at the top of the list – U.S. Census
  • Areas of extreme concentrated poverty (40% or more of the population in a census tract living below the poverty line) have increased for the first time since the 50’s. NM has many of those in both urban and rural areas – Brookings Institute

With opportunity foreclosed on ever growing numbers of Americans, significant headway might only be made if we are willing to raise the floor and challenge the concentrated wealth and power that increasingly sit at the top of our economic ladder.

Through a social justice lens, our messages must challenge the images of poverty that are hardwired into the status quo: The inherent falsehood that scarcity not inequality is at the root of the persisting social and economic problems we face today.

Our work to decry the suffering of New Mexicans and create a just future is more important than ever.