Partner Corner

Partner Corner

Welcome to the resource center! You can download many helpful forms by clicking on the blue text below.




IDA Resources:


     Participant Eligibility Verification Checklist

     IDA Application

     IDA Support Determining Annual Income (Optional)


     IDA Participation Agreement

     Account Open Letter – General Financial Institutions

     Account Open Letter – Rio Grande Credit Union

     Account Open Letter – Wells Fargo

          Additional Forms REQUIRED by Wells Fargo:

                  W-9           or         W-8BEN

              Participant Information to Open Wells Fargo IDA  


     File Content Checklist 

     Coaching Log

     Self-Advocacy Portfolio

     Savings Planner

     Education Purchase Plan

     Homeowners Purchase Plan

     Business Purchase Plan

     Matched Savings Fund Business Plan Checklist


     Fund Withdrawal Forms

Program & Implementation Resources:


Asset Coach Expectations

Underwriter Letter

Disregard IDA Funds Document

Withdrawal Outline

Directive on Business IDA’s

Directive on Education IDA’s

Directive on Home Purchase IDA’s

Partnership New Mexico Assets Consortium Partner Resource Packet

Quick Guide to Documents, Forms, and Actions

Procedure for Handling Dormant Accounts

Front Desk Chart

Employment Verification Form

Self-Employment Verification Form

Check Receipt

Education Letter

NMAC IDA Programs

Check Return Form


Photo Release Form

I’m Saving for PW – SIGN