Native Jeweler Goes Online

Native Jeweler Goes Online

Saine Atencio from Santo Domingo Pueblo has hand-made and sold traditional Native American jewelry for years.

She used to drive across the country to sell her work.  Now she realizes modern business practices will allow her to expand her business and make it more cost-effective.

Saine worked with a local organization nearest her pueblo, Empowering Our Communities.  Saine started saving through an IDA so she can set up an e-commerce shop to market her jewelry on-line.  She is also working towards a degree in business administration and accounting.  Participating in the IDA program changed how Saine thinks about money.

“It helped me distinguish my needs from my wants.”

She is also motivated to provide opportunity for her children.

“I do a lot with my family in mind – so they won’t experience the hard times that I’ve gone through.”

How Prosperity Works Made a Difference: We developed a culturally-appropriate approach to program delivery so that tribal members like Saine can participate in an IDA program.

Location: Santa Domingo Pueblo, NM