Just Married

Just Married

For 25 years Ona Porter and Miriam Rand have been family in every way except a “legal” one.  However, on February 21, 2013 after Porter and Rand applied for and were denied a marriage license by the Bernalillo County Clerk’s office, they filed a law suit.  Their legal action claims that the ban on same-sex marriage violates the New Mexico Constitution and equal rights of all.  Their law suit was won!

On September 25, 2013, Ona and Miriam were awarded the 10th Annual Linda Estes Giraffe Award, ‘honoring those who stick their necks out’ from the Albuquerque Community Foundation and at the award ceremony Ona and Miriam exchanged their vows.

On behalf of the Prosperity Works staff, we applaud you Ona and Miriam and wish you life long happiness!  On behalf of Prosperity Works we want to thank all the friends and family that have made generous contributions to Prosperity Works on the couples behalf!

A heartfelt, thank you to the following:

  • Albuquerque Community Foundation, Linda Estes Giraffe Award
  • Ona Porter & Miriam Rand
  • Carol Alfs & Shirley Lambert
  • Mary Ellen Capek & Susan Hallgarth
  • Sue Gradisar & Sitara H. Cook
  • Melinda Moffitt & Ann Dunlap
  • Sandi Gilley
  • Christine Hayward & Sarah Adams
  • Norty & Summers Kalishman
  • Karen Herzenberg & Katie Rooney
  • Julie Kirkpatrick
  • Ann Mary McCleod
  • Mary McCleod and Kathy Ravano
  • Lynn Mostoller & Kathy Mc Knight
  • Rachel Tenorio
  • Judith Wanhala