Homes For The Holidays

Homes For The Holidays

Our hands are out and our hats are off!

The boom and bust of the housing industry in recent years has fueled doubt about the value of home ownership, and caused many to re-examine the long-held belief that owning a home is a viable path to a stable and successful financial future.  Don’t tell that to the 300 homeowners who have worked with us to claim their share of the American Dream! They will tell you that there really is no place like the home they own.

As we roll out this year’s HOMES for the HOLIDAYS, we will share with you the joy and appreciation of just a few of these families.  While they understand the value of their homes as an asset that they will use today, leverage, and pass on in the future, what will shine through every experience is the pride they have in their accomplishment, the hope they have for their family’s future, and the stake they now have in their community.

In this season of Thanksgiving, can you think of any better way to celebrate than to share your blessings with those who work so very hard to provide a safe and healthy home for themselves and their families?  We extend this annual opportunity for you to show your neighbors, who struggle at the outer margins of the dream of home ownership, that there are people who will help.

A gift in any amount will help the moment we receive it,  as we race to provide New Mexican families with their HOME for the HOLIDAYS!


Our hand is out and our hats are off! – to you, for the generosity you share, and to the families whose hand-up will never be forgotten.


Happy, Happy Holidays from our families to yours,


Ona & the Prosperity Works Team