Homes For The Holidays

Homes For The Holidays

Home ownership remains at the heart of the American dream.

This past September, Dahlia Christen-Ohoiwutun, her husband Michael, and their children Nomi, Brandyn, & Tara became the owners of a brand new home in Santa Fe!

The Christen-Ohoiwutun family participated in Prosperity Works’ IDA Program and the Santa Fe Habitat For Humanity’s program to reach this amazing milestone.  They also assisted in the building process, attended credit counseling, participated in a financial capability course, and received advice on how to maintain their home in the future.

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of helping another New Mexican family realize their American dream.  Your investment goes especially far because it is tripled by matching funds. Your gift helps not only this holiday season, but many more into the future.

Having a place to call our own not only is a source of pride, but also a significant stabilizing factor for families and entire neighborhoods. Home ownership helps children stay in school–and succeed–without the disruptions of moving and changing schools that often accompany renting. Children from families who own their own homes are more likely to graduate from High School, and are less likely to become pregnant as teens.

Nomi, 13, has always heard her friends talk about their homes, now she too, has a home of her own to brag about. Having spent all of her life in a cramped 2BR apartment, she was “so excited we have one of these things— a house!”

Dahlia said it was a two and a half year process, and there were times where she thought the family would never get there. But at about a year away, she began to see that it was going to happen, and that the dream was really becoming a reality!

With our partners like Santa Fe Habitat For Humanity, The New Mexico Asset Consortium and Prosperity Works has helped over 300 hard-working New Mexican families save money in an Individual Development Account (IDA), overcome the systemic barriers of poverty, and purchase their own home.


(Original story published Monday, September 28, 2015, By Robert Nott/The New Mexican. Photo Credit: Clyde Mueller/The New Mexican)


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