Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Dear Friends,

Did you know that kids from families who own their own home are more likely to graduate from high school? And less likely to become pregnant as teens?

Homeownership is a powerful stabilizing factor for families, for neighborhoods, for entire communities. Home ownership not only gives a sense of pride in accomplishment, but a viable path to a stable and successful financial future for now and for generations to come.

We call this initiative “Home for the Holidays” because what better way to celebrate the holidays and your blessings than by helping a hard-working New Mexican family break the toxic cycle of poverty and realize their dream?

Your investment is automatically tripled by matching funds the moment we receive it. So, $1000 becomes $3000; $500 becomes $1500. One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to New Mexicans saving for a home.

No gift could be more practical or more appreciated. Give today by sending a check or donating online.

With great appreciation,
Ona Porter and all of us at Prosperity Works