Giving Back Starts Early

Giving Back Starts Early

Last year, our Homes for the Holidays campaign raised $5,000 which helped three more families purchase homes in New Mexico in 2013!  This year Prosperity Works hopes to raise $10,000!  We’re encouraging everyone that has donated in previous years to tell their friends or family members, that their gift can make a difference!

We would especially like to recognize our youngest donor’s – Collin, Gavin, & Hannah.  Last year was the third year they donated to Homes for the Holidays.  Their Grandmother asked each child if she could donate the money she would normally put in cards for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. to Homes for the Holidays.  She explained the fundraiser to each child and all three wanted their card money to be donated.

“I’m really glad that Ona introduced me to Homes for the Holidays” said Grammy Lynne.  She asked Collin (9) how he felt about donating and he said, “My feelings are that it feels good to do and it’s fun…to help other people in need, so they can have the same as we do”.  Gavin (7) said, “It feels good and happy that I give people money to get a home.”   Hannah’s (7) says, “I feel good because I’m helping other people and maybe grandma might need a little help.”

We thank Grammy Lynne for introducing the concept of Giving Back at an early age, and we look to these children as inspiration for tomorrow.

Laureen Lerch, Director of Communications for Prosperity Works adds, “Last year my one year old was bombarded with gifts from relatives for Christmas, most of which will be donated to his daycare because we simply don’t have the space.  This year, I will ask that donations are made in his name.  The donation from Collin, Gavin, & Hannah is so touching because it reminds us to move away from American consumer culture at Christmastime and to give back to the community.  Instead of asking for the newest toys, these children are helping families purchase a home!”

A heartfelt thank you to all those who donated last year!  

  • Sarah Adams & Chris Hayward
  • Rayonelle Baldwin
  • Ann & Jim Boon – In the loving memory of Helen Sproull
  • Lynne Cavanaugh & her grandchildren – Collin, Gavin, & Hannah
  • Mary Ellen Capek & Sue Hallgarth
  • Monica Cordova
  • Melinda Moffit & Ann Dunlap
  • Leslie Elgood
  • Maria Griego-Raby and Randy Royster
  • Eli Ferguson
  • Sharon Henderson
  • Norty & Summer Kalishman – In honor of the staff & board of Prosperity Works – Sincerely, the Network for Good Team
  • K2MD – Kilmer Kilmer Marshall Duran
  • Elisa Phillips
  • Kim Pophal
  • Miriam Rand & Ona Porter
  • Marion Seymour
  • Carmela Starace
  • Sara Stinnett
  • Barak Wolff
  • Billie Wolff – In Honor of B and L cafe, Love You!

Please tell your friends & family, their gift can make a difference!