Support a Strong CFPB!

Support a Strong CFPB!

The loan sharks are circling!  Unlike sharks in the sea, these guys are really dangerous and they’re coming after us by working to take the lifeguard off the beach.


We’re talking about the financial sharks – big bank sharks like Wells Fargo that got caught opening fraudulent accounts without their customers’ knowledge; payday sharks that strip *billions* of dollars out of vulnerable families pockets every year; and the gang of Wall Street sharks that want to go back to the bad old days of speculation and tricks and traps that will pull our entire economy down under the water.  


They want to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, our financial lifeguard, off the beach and out of commission.  We’re not going to let that happen.


These sharks are trying to get their paid lackeys in Congress to hobble the CFPB through disastrous bills like the CHOICE Act and through nakedly opportunistic budget tricks.  They think they can attack while we’re not paying attention.

Let’s make sure they know we’re watching.  


Join the pledge:  I will fight to support keeping the lifeguard on the beach!!!

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Let’s let the CFPB know we’ve got their back & let the sharks know they can’t feed on our communities anymore.