CNM Suncat Savings Challenge

CNM Suncat Savings Challenge

Prosperity Works is partnering with CNM Connect to offer IDA’s to CNM students!  

Students have the chance to become smart savers through the Suncat Savings Challenge!

What is it?

The Suncat Savings Challenge is an opportunity for students to invest in their future with a matched savings account called an Individual Development Account(IDA). Every dollar put into the account will be matched by public and private institutions to help students save toward their education, a home or starting a business.

This program is a controlled scientific study.  Half of students who apply to participate will be chosen to have an account. The other half will be asked to fill out a survey in exchange for a token of appreciation.

To participate, you must  first attend an orientation about the program. Upcoming orientations will be held:

Suncat Savings Challenge Fall Orientation


  • Wednesday, October 30 — Main campus 10:30, 3:00 (Room-SRC 204)
  • Thursday, October 31 – Main campus 9:30, 2:00, 4:00 (Room-SRC 204)


  • Saturday, November 2 – Main campus 10:00, 11:00 (Room-SB 106)
  • Wednesday, November 6 – Montoya 10:30, 1:00,  3:00 (Room-J122)
  • Thursday, November 7 – Westside 9:30, 2:00, 4:00(Room-WS1 313)
  • Wednesday, November 13 – Main 10:30(Room-SRC 204), 3:00 (Room-SB 100)
  • Thursday, November 14 – Main 9:30 (Room-SRC 204)

Questions? Contact CNM Connect:

Chioma Heim, 224-4080 or

Sally Moore, 224-3957 or

Christian Soto, 224-5026 or

Chris Ricci, 224-5471,