CNM Student succeeds with an IDA

CNM Student succeeds with an IDA

Darrold Morris (a.k.a. Chef Deezie) remembers back to the time when his mom passed away from cancer, his life was changing, and all around him people were talking about going back to school and looking toward a brighter future.  A door opened for Darrold, when he was introduced to the IDA Program, at CNM by a friend.  As with any offer, he was interested, yet had his doubts.

At that time he was going through finding himself again, starting a new chapter in life, and registered to complete a Culinary Arts program.  When he spoke with Ann Lyn Hall at CNM Connect, his barriers came down.  There was nothing standing in his way, an opportunity presented itself and he began the paperwork process for the IDA program.

He went through the program and learned a lot about money management, savings, and more about where he wanted to go in life.  He says, “Remember, the time and investment you spend for yourself is the lifestyle that will be afforded to you.  There are no shortcuts to a fulfilling life.  I trusted the process and was able to open a savings account, and receive my IDA match savings.  I was able to put a down payment on a catering truck and the rest… is wonderful!”

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Chef Deezie with Ann Lyn Hall at CNM Connect


Chef Deezie wins Student of the year award for CNM…

featured in Albuquerque Magazine

Albuquerque magazine

Deezie with Actor Noel Gugliemi, on the set of “Gamerz”

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On the set of Breaking Bad…

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“And the rest is wonderful!”