First, THANK YOU, to all of those who called and were present for the last committee meetings!  When you are not even asked to rise in support or opposition to a proposal it is hard to say that, “my time and effort meant something” but it DOES!  Thank you, thank you!
SB 15, which is our 36% cap on short term loans will be heard TODAY, Feb. 27, in the Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee, at 1:30pm
Debbie Rodella, who introduced HB 347 (175% cap!!!!!) wanted to hear all of the bills on predatory lending at once.  They were heard last Monday but no action was taken with the idea that all the parties could “work something out.”  That really means, “is there anyway that HB347 can be modified to be acceptable to those of us advocating for a 36% cap.”  Unfortunately, it passed committee. This is a “something is better than nothing” approach that we are negotiating but seems unlikely to come together.  The chair and several committee members are sponsors of 347 so their interest is clear.  But look at the list below to see HOW MUCH MONEY Committee members RECEIVED FROM THE INDUSTRY RECENTLY! (I have not had time to check other members).
Debbie Rodella $15,225
Jane Powdrell Culbert $2,800
Yvette Herrell $1,100
Tim Lewis $1,150
Carl Trujillo $2,450
Jim Trujillo $3,500
Please call the Reps. below to say:
YES to SB 15 (36% Cap on Interest for Short-Term Loans)